Weekly Games

Take a Chance on Me Wanna take a gamble?
Buono Match Got any of these cards?
Battle Song Let's play war!
Pick a Johnny Pick your favorite~!

Extra Activities

CD Shop Turn in your CDs here!
The Used Bin Looks like someone didn't want these any more.
Top Artist Can you complete the given task before the end of the month?
Forum Games There's more games at the forums. :D
Donate Want to donate?

Biweekly Set 1

Idollica What idol is this?
Discography Guess the whose body of music this is.
Picture Perfect Guess the PV
Pop Memory Simple Memory Game
Your Song Find the lyrics.
Frame Scramble Rearrange the scenes of a music video.

Biweekly Set 2

Tracklisting Guess the album
Meet & Greet Name the group
Unspoken Find the missing lyric
Cover Art Guess the album/single cover.
Rock Puzzle Simple Puzzle Game
Song Tie-ins *Coming Soon* Guess the drama or anime this song was used in.